Yandex Support Phone Number

Yandex Support Phone Number Yandex Support Phone Number

Yandex Support Phone Number

To contact Yandex Support Phone Number, you may always call them at their direct line +7(800) 234-24-80

Current Wait: 5 to 8 Mins

Hours : Mon-Fri, 5am-12am (MST)

Yandex Email Support:

Yandex Support Page:

Yandex Support Phone Number: +7(800) 234-24-80

What Help We Could Get When We Call the Yandex Support Phone Number?

Yandex mail was launched in 2000 as a free email service that was designed to offer unlimited online storage space for users. Yandex mail has widely been known as a substitute for Gmail by various users. The enhanced security features, loaded with the benefit of freedom from irritating ads that keeps nagging you every time you browse. Besides, it is known as a faster email option than other competitor email providers. As a matter of fact, Yandex can successfully process more than 12 million emails on a daily basis.

Yandex email comes loaded with several features that increase the popularity of the Yandex such as

  • High huge storage space
  • User-friendly and simple layout
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Better security protection from spam emails
  • Various multiple theme options
  • Attractive Fun Ecards.

However, no email experience can leave you without issues, and hence, you may at times face problems with Yandex mail while using it. However, as a third-party service provider, you can contact the Yandex Mail support number whenever you are stuck with any issues or errors while operating Yandex mail. Our designated team of experts and an experienced customer support representative will be happy to offer you the requisite tech support for resolving all your queries. All you need is to call the Yandex Mail support number at +7(800) 234-24-80 drop us a message or email us at

Some of the common Yandex Queries that you can get resolved through the Yandex Mail support number are:

  • Forgot account password
  • Hacking of your account
  • Missing emails from the mailbox
  • Procedure to change the password of your account
  • Failure to send or receive emails
  • Unable to delete emails
  • The process to remove or change a theme
  • The process to import emails or failure to import
  • Any other query related to Yandex mail

If you have queries related to the above issues of your Yandex mail, then feel free to resolve your issues with us as a third-party service provider Yandex Mail support number. Alternatively, you can also book a call-back option with us and we shall call you right at the scheduled time to offer you reliable and right solutions for problems related to Yandex mail. We shall take every care to provide you with the best possible solution in lesser time for all the problems encountered by you when you are operating Yandex mail.

There are many errors that can be the reasons behind the user-facing the issue related to their login. And there are several steps that can be taken by the user in order to solve the issue, but before initiating the process user must need to gain knowledge about the login errors because when the user gain the knowledge related to the errors it becomes very easy for them to solve the error.

There are many users who face a similar kind of issue and if you are one of them then in that case you are required to have urgent assistant regarding your error. To help the user we are going to list out the few common errors that happen to the users on regular basis. The idea here is to help the user in the time of crisis and this will help the user in gaining the required knowledge related to the errors.

1. Email is going to spam folder- For a user to avoid this error they need to make changes in their setting and they also need to configure the SPF record and DKIM signature along with it. When the user configures the SPF and DKIM correctly then they have to contact the support team and tell them about the issue.

2. User receiving message of Non-delivery- There are several types of non-delivery message which user is getting are mentioned below with their solution
a. Verification failed- when the service of mail gets an activation this issue can appear in front of the user. When a user sends the mail to the recipient using the mail id of a similar company and the mails goes to the local server. To avoid this kind of error users are required to deactivate the service from their host server.
b. SPF Requirement- The SPF record gets the verification from the mail server of the recipient while they are at the domain of the sender. This problem can be faced by the user when the user does not configure the SPF record correctly or the user configures two SPFs at the same time. To solve this error user needs to do the verification of the SPF record of their own domain.
c. No Mailbox- There are times when the server of the recipient uses the verification of sender in order to control the spam emails. When the message is being received by the server, they send back a blank email just to clarify the sender’s existence. These kinds of blank emails are being sent with higher frequency and sometimes it gets assumed as a DOS attack.

3. User Forgot the Password- If the user has forgotten the password of their Yandex they can reset it manually. If the user has linked their mobile phone number or any other email address with their Yandex account. Then they have to enter the same for getting the confirmation code either on their mobile phone or on their email address. There are times a user can see the error message that say invalid email address or phone number than they to make sure that they are writing the correct phone number or email address. And if the user didn’t connect any kind of mobile phone number or email address then in that case they have to answer the security question to get access to their account.

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