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Webroot Antivirus provides spyware against viruses and other online dangers without hindering system performance or disturbing your ordinary activities while using your PC and Mac. Its output and danger eviction bring out a guarantee that malware is taken out. Webroot allows you to surf, offer, shop, and bank on the web with all the certainty that your PC and identify data are protected by ensuring your usernames, account numbers, security codes, and other individual data.

The product is intended to distinguish and follow the procedure of possibly vindictive accounts and, whenever discovered to be dangerous to your devices, it moves back towards any terrible activities and saves the documents that may have taken. They offer more thoughtful services, multi-directional security, and better support to your system requirements and assume responsibility for your online safety and development.

Before discussing the login process in detail, you can learn to install Webroot antivirus and also Webroot uninstallation by clicking it.

Webroot Anywhere Antivirus software provides

  • Webroot Anywhere Antivirus is surprisingly quick and lightweight, incredible in hindering undesirable and unwanted links, probably the lightest configuration of its type in the market.
  • Webroot offers total defense from viruses and fraud for every one of your devices, without easing back you down.
  • Webroot check requires around 20 seconds. That is up to 60 times quicker than other same category software while offering greater protection.

Login into my Webroot account at gives a central entry from which you can see and deal with your secured devices

  • Go to Webroot safe site or from your program.
  • Now, click on the Sign-in option with your registered Webroot account email and password.
  • Afterward, a key code will be sent. Enter your Webroot Key which has 20 digits.
  • Choose the Next option to enlist your Webroot product.
  • Now, confirm the Agree and Install option to continue.
  • At last, your Webroot security sign-in is enacted effectively.

How to make a webroot account at

    • Open your browser program to the Webroot online administration account site – You see the login and Create an Account.
    • Select option Create Account on the page of the Webroot site. The Create Account registration page opens:
    • Complete the entry of data carefully.
    • It contains Webroot Product Keycode, Email Address, Password, Your Personal Security Code, and so on
    • Choose the Register Now option.
    • After you make your account and register, a confirmation message shows up at the email address you determined during the registration process.
    • Select and click on the link provided in the confirmation email.
    • There is a message to open the Confirm Registration page.
    • Webroot demands two randomly chosen characters of the security code to be determined when you made the account. Type the mentioned characters and tap on Confirm Registration Now.
    • Now You Are good to go to login Webroot account

    Change Webroot account secret password recovery.

    • Access your account settings as portrayed previously.
    • Select the Change option to one side of the Password field.
    • After that, In the Current Password field, enter your existing password.
    • In the New Password field, enter your refresh password.
    • In the Repeat New Password field, enter similar characters as you did in the New Password field.
    • At the point when you’re set, click the Change Password button.
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