Trend Micro Login at Micro Customer Licensing Portal-Create Trend Micro Account or Recover Trend Micro Password

Trend Micro Security operating on advanced AI technology, Trend Micro Security stops ransomware so you can make the most of your digital life securely. It likewise secures against malware, internet banking, and shopping risks online, and significantly more. Top of the line by industry specialists, Trend Micro Security conveys 100% safety assurance against web dangers. 

Security innovation ensures your safety when shopping or banking on the internet, giving you the security you need in an interconnected world. 

Notwithstanding malware and web danger protection, the exceptional adaptation of this product contains specifications for PCs, Macs, Android, or iOS cell phones; parental controls; fraud counteraction; a protection scanner for significant interpersonal interaction; and 25 GB of distributed storage.

Before discussing the login process in detail, you can learn to install Trend Micro antivirus and also Trend Micro uninstallation by clicking it.

How to create an account on Trend Micro AntiVirus

  • First, all you need is to open the Trend Micro Customer Licensing Portal website and select “Don’t have an account yet? Sign up now“.
  • Select the option “No, I am a first time user” to establish a Trend Micro security account
  • Fill the blank fields with your Registration Key provided.
  • Then click “Continue“.
  • .Check all the information that displays.
  • After checking all the information, examine the authorization agreement carefully then select the I have read and accept the Trend Micro License Agreement option.
  • Select and click Continue.
  • In the empty field, provide your account profile information.

(Optional) Add an alternative contact:

    • In the Primary contact message box, at the bottom of the contact information, choose the “Add a secondary contact option“.
    • After choosing the option, the secondary contact information window will open.
    • In the empty fields, provide your secondary account profile data.
    • Determine if you want the primary reference to receive the authorization renewal email.
    1. Now, all you need to do is “select the Send email notification before product maintenance expires” option if you expect either the primary or secondary reference to acquire an email message.
    2. Then select and click Continue.
    3. After clicking on the continue option, the Customer Licensing Portal page unlocks and you can commence assigning products. 

Step by step procedure to Login into Trend Micro Customer Licensing Portal

The first step must be to select any of the web browsers to enter the Trend Micro Login Portal webpage at 

♠For this, all you have to do is type the URL i.e “” within your web browser’s address bar.

♠After this, you will then receive a window illustrating “Sign In to your Trend Micro Account”. 

♠ A new portal will open with empty entry spaces, you have to submit the Email address and Password in the respective spaces.

♠Please keep that in mind while filling in the login credentials it must be connected to a registered account. When you prefer your device to memorize the login credentials next time you log in, select and click on the “Remember me”.

♠Finally, after all the fill-up procedures, tap the red-colored “Sign In” tab that is placed in the center of the login window.

♠ Congratulations! You are signed in.

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