Toshiba Printer Support Number

Toshiba Printer Support Number Toshiba Printer Support Number

Toshiba Printer Support Number

For any technical issues with your Toshiba printers, you may reach Toshiba Printer Support Number at 1-800-468-6744, open 24*7

Current Wait: 5 to 8 Mins

Hours : Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm(EST)

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Toshiba Printer Support Number: 1-800-468-6744

Can I get a solution to all my queries at the Toshiba Printer Support number?

Toshiba Printers are one of the most excellent printers that you could afford to buy for your personal as well as business requirements. However, often you can face issues related to the printing services and you require a Toshiba Printer Support phone number. Therefore, we as a third-party service provider are always willing to help resolve your issues in a manner that gives our customers the utmost satisfaction level.

What are the major issues that you may encounter while using Toshiba Printer? From setting up, installation, connection to printing, there are numerous issues that can hinder the performance or the functioning of the Toshiba Printer. However, one of the major printing problems that you may often encounter is – Toshiba Printer is not printing the document. Here we are providing various possible solutions to help you solve the printing problem with Toshiba Printer if it is not working properly or fails to give you prints on paper:

1) Check if your device is connected to the Toshiba printer: Always assure that your cable or LAN is connected with the printer before you give the printing command from your device. Often USB port is disconnected and the user fails to analyze this. Also, check your LAN connector / USB port of the Device and if it is connected to the printer. Ensure that both the device and printer are connected through the same network via LAN.

2) Ensure the IP address is correct: If you are using a Windows device then ensure that your machine has a permanent IP address. To check the same, click on the ‘’Setting mode’’ > System Setting > List Print User > All custom setting list and select setting mode (administrator)

3) Running various applications: When you are running various applications simultaneously on your device, the printer sometimes fails to print due to a lack of empty space on the disc. Therefore, close all the running applications and restart your computer. Then try to print the document.

4) Check the internet connectivity: Whether you are using a router or WIFI, check that both your machine as well as the printer are connected with the internet and are following the same internet connection. In case there is no internet connection, Wi-Fi is off on either printer and PC or internet speed is too slow, then the printing will be interrupted.

5) Proper installation and setup of the printer: Always assure that your printer is properly installed and that you have downloaded the necessary printer set up on your system before you begin with the printing job.

Apart from the above, there are various other issues that a user may experience while using printing technology. For any queries or information, we as a third-party service provider can always be reached at the Toshiba Printer Support number. Remember if you need help, we are just a phone call away at 1-800-468-6744 or you can email us and we will help you towards the efficient working of Toshiba Printers.

Making the printer work without any problem is a big task for the user. Because a printer is a machine and it requires lots of dos and don’ts by the user and in order to maintain those sometimes users tends to overdo and printer can stop working. To make the printer work in an efficient manner there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of at the time of installing the printer and after the installation of the printer. When the user is able to take care of those things the chances of the printer has broken gets minimized and the printer works to its full potential. The problem arises when the printer user is not able to take care of the things and this leads to raising issues in the printer.

Things which can need to be taken care of by the user at the time of installing the Toshiba Printer is- at first user needs to establish the proper connection between the Toshiba Printer and the user’s device, the user needs to choose the USB cable very carefully because this will work as the bridge between the two devices that is it will connect the Toshiba printer and user’s device with each other. After installing the printer user needs to make sure that the printer has the required ink level available and it also has the paper available in the paper tray.

There are times when users who do all the right things still, face the issue with their printer, and at that point in time, they require urgent help to sort out their problem. And if you are one of those users who has faced the issue or facing the issue with their printer then in that case, we will help you out. To solve the printer-related issues, we are going to list out a few of the common printer issues which are being faced by many users around the world.

1.Not able to Print through the Phone- Connectivity can be the main issue here, at first user needs to make sure that their Mobile phone and their Toshiba Printer is connected via the same WIFI because if both of the devices are connected to different WIFI the user will not able print. And if the user is using VPN to do the secure connection then, in that case, they have to disable the VPN Connections, because sometimes the VPN refrains the device from printing.

2.Restart both of the Devices- IF there is any software-related glitch then in this case user needs to restart their device and their Toshiba Printer to get the glitch sort out. The different devices like Wireless printers, computers, and routers rely on the home or the office network. And if one device starts acting up it can affect all of the other devices. A restart will get the networking working again and the user can see their printer if it starts working again or not.

3.Check on the Basic things- When user first experience the printer related issues at first, they need to look for the basic things which can lead to non-printing from the printer. And if the user is not aware of the basic things, we will help the user. User needs to look up at the below list and see if they are missing any of the points at the time of printing from their printer.
a. First and the foremost thing is to make sure the user is that the printer is turned on and it has power.
b. Make sure that the printer and the user’s device are connected with each other properly.
c. Keep a check on the printer’s ink level, paper in the printer’s paper tray.
d. If the user is trying to print via their mobile phone then in that case, they need to make sure that the printer is connected to the WIFI.
e. Check the USB cable which connects the two devices with each other is in working condition.

4. Reinstalling the printer- if the user still faces the issue, he or she must first uninstall the printer and reinstall it back again. In this step, if there is some glitch or some error it can be removed. To first uninstall the printer user needs to go on the start and after that, they need to go on the Devices. Once the user is on the device section, they can see the various options on the left-hand side of the screen and the second option will be of Printers and scanners. User needs to select it and they can see the attached printer. Now the user needs to go on Toshiba Printer and do the click and select the option of Remove the printer. Users can install the printer with the help of the user manual which comes along with their Toshiba Printer.

We also provide support for Lexmark Printers.

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