Ricoh Printer Support Number

Ricoh Printer Support Number

Ricoh Printer Support Number

For any technical queries or issues related to your Ricoh printer, you may call Ricoh Printer Support Number at 800-742-6438, open 24*7

Current Wait: 5 to 8 Mins

Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST

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Ricoh Support Page:

Ricoh Support Phone Number: 800-742-6438

What Help We Could Get When We Call the Ricoh Printer Customer Service Phone Number?

With the advancement of technology, you can print all your documents not only from your PC or laptops but you can also use your smartphones to print any document. This is possible through the advanced features, as well as the high configuration of the Ricoh printers. Although the steps are very simple, in case you experience any problem, you are recommended to call the third-party service provider- Ricoh Printer Support Phone number for ease of usage and effective resolution of all your issues related to printers. Ricoh Printer Support Phone number will provide you with the necessary technical assistance to resolve all your issues considering the kind of mobile device you have and the features it has for connecting the printer. Usually, phones have a built-in printing option. However, if you are unable to find any printing option on your mobile then you can download the same from Google App or Apple store.



  • Download the Google Cloud Print app from the Google Play store if it is not available on your Android phone. Connect your mobile with the internet through WiFi. Ensure that your printer is connected to the same WiFi connection.
  • Tap to open ‘’Settings’’ and then tap on the ‘’Add a Printer’’.
  • Once the printer is added, open the Google Cloud Print app for printing any document or image stored on your mobile.
  • To print, tap on the Print option or command appearing on the side of the screen along with the document or image.


  • Apple devices already have a built-in AirPrint option that makes it easy for the user of the iPhone or iPad to print anything from the mobile.
  • Check that ‘’AirPrint’’ is enable on your Ricoh Printer.
  • Make sure that the iOS phone and the Ricoh Printer are using a similar WiFi network. Open the app, document, image etc. that you want to print and tap on the Printer icon as visible on the screen of your mobile. Select the Ricoh printer from which you want to print.

Using the above-mentioned easy steps, we are sure you will be able to connect your mobile with the Ricoh printer to get the prints. In case, you are still not able to take printouts or facing any technical issues, then call Ricoh Printer Support Phone number at 800-742-6438 or email us make sure that you will not receive any ‘’call-waiting’’ and we will respond to your call with easy and fastest solutions.

If User feels like there is a problem with their Ricoh Printer, there can be certain reasons behind the problem. There might be a problem with the printer itself or there can be some hardware-related issues with the printer due to which the printer is not able to complete the command which is given by the user himself or herself. The use of an old USB cable can be one of the reasons behind the printer not being able to print the command. Some of the time printer not able to complete the command because it is not getting the proper electricity from its outlet. These are few various kinds of reasons due to which user’s printer is not able to print the command

Well, the list of printer-related issues is long and so does the solution to that problem. There are times when the user requires the urgent solution for their problem as their works get affected due to the printer not working properly. In that case, users can become helpless and they don’t know what to do. Users can either start looking for the solution on their own or they can wait till they can able to connect with the helpdesk number of Ricoh Printer. If the user wants to solve the issue on its own than they are first needs to understand the types of issues that can arrive with the printer. This is because a printer is a machine and it can sometimes require a technical hand to solve the problem.

Once the user is able to understand the types of issues that can arrive with the printer then it becomes very easy for the user to solve the issue. But if a user is not able to understand than they need to wait till the helpdesk provides them a technical expert. This is because if a user is not able to understand and they start rectifying the error there are chances that the issue may escalate very quickly and many other problems can arise with it.

To help out the user we are listing a few of the common errors and how to get rid of them in easy steps.

1.Printer Drivers- Printer drivers are key for the user’s system to detect the printer attached to it. And if they are being missing from the device the user won’t be able to print the command as the user’s system will not be able to detect the printer in the first place itself. However, sometimes user device is not able to detect the printer even after printer driver. In that case user needs to reinstall the driver but first they need to uninstall the old drivers. To remove the old driver’s user needs to follow the below command.
a. User first needs to press the window icon on their keyboard.
b. After that open the control Panel.
c. Once the panel is open user can see various options but user needs to go under the Programs.
d. Under this heading there will be a sub option of Uninstall a program.
e. By selecting this option user can see various kinds of drivers and software installed in the system.
f. User needs to select Ricoh Printer driver and uninstall them.

2.Paper Alignment- Sometimes user doesn’t put the printing paper in the paper tray in a proper manner due to which paper doesn’t get aligned. And when they are not aligned properly the paper will rush with each other in order to go inside of the printer. So, user needs to make sure that they put the paper in a proper manner so that the paper doesn’t get stuck inside of the printer.

3.Cartridge not Working- Once in a while user faces the issue where the printer is not able to detect the freshly inserted cartridge inside of it. In this case user can use the old cartridge and if there will be some ink left inside of the old cartridge. And once the printer able to detect the new cartridge user needs to immediately swap it up with the new cartridge so that in this printer will be able to acknowledge the newly inserted cartridge. And user also needs to check whether they removed the seal of nozzle ink or not.

We also provide direct number for HP printer support.

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