Live Mail Support Phone Number

Live Mail Support Phone Number Live Mail Support Phone Number

To contact Live Mail Support Phone Number you can call the direct number 866-672-4551

Live Mail Support Phone Number

Current Wait: 5 to 8 Mins

Hours : Mon-Fri: 8am-1am,Sat-Sun: 8am-8pm

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Live mail Support Phone Number: 866-672-4551


What Help We Could Get When We Call the Live mail Customer Service Phone Number?

Live email is one of the most suitable email services that combines various applications like emails, instant messaging, and word processing all together while allowing you to online services of sharing files, blogs, as well as off-site file storage. A user is able to access several services online and can download others on the hard drive of their devices. The Live email is free of cost and is supported by Microsoft.


Windows Live mail comes loaded with various attractive and unique features.


  • Windows Live mail offers 5 gigabytes of storage to the users
  • Various layouts, colors, and toolbars offer new design
  • Easy to switch between the classic look and the new version
  • The presence of a reading pane lets your view emails quickly
  • Image blocker can guard spammers
  • Easy to organize emails
  • Fast and easy to reply, delete, print, or manage folders
  • Easy to access email using a Web-enabled smartphone
  • Calendar functions
  • Customized filters and spell check
  • Bette security through anti-virus and protection from spyware
  • Access multiple email accounts
  • Check social networking pages on Windows Live Spaces Blogs

Issues related to Live mail

Although Live mail offers various benefits and features to the users, you may anytime encounter issues with your Live mail and may require a Livemail support number to resolve your queries related to any or all of the following:


  • Unable to retrieve email
  • Error while sending email
  • Live email not working in Windows 10
  • Authentication required for outgoing email
  • Incomplete download of message
  • Unable to recognize the user
  • Failed to log in
  • Unable to connect by SSL

Resolve your issues as the third-party service provider through the Livemail support number. You can call us 24/ 7 on the Live mail support number at 1-866-672-4551 or email us your query at along with the right time to call you back. Expect the best solution to your queries through our Live mail support number, wherein we shall take all possible efforts to not keep you waiting and give you the solution within minimum time.

When the user faces the issue related to the login errors, they want urgent help to get rid of the issue so that they can use their email account without any further problems. Now there are many users around the world who would like to solve the issue on their own without getting help from the helpdesk. When a user tries to solve the issue on their own there fewer chances that they will get success in solving the problem because there are many reasons due to which the user is not able to login into the account. Issues like internet connection, wrong credentials used by the user, or the glitch on the login page of Live mail. Now there are many solutions to this problem users might get puzzled and may not able to solve the error on their own.

To help the user we are listing few errors and how the user can get rid of them. This is to help the users and give them an idea about the types of errors that can appear in front of them at the time of logging in.

1. Glitch in Login Page- There are times when users did everything right to get into their account but still, they are not able to do so. This can happen to the user because of a glitch in the login page, now when this happens to the user, they can’t do anything because this is out of their reach. Users have to wait till the glitch gets sorted.

2. Internet not Available- One of the first step of logging in into the account user first needs to have the internet connection available in their device because if the internet is missing from the user’s device, they won’t be able to open the login page in the first place. Having an internet connection is not enough for the user they must have a frequent internet connection available because if the internet is not a frequent user will not able to load his or her email properly and some of the time user emails may load of one page and there will be blank on the second page. To avoid this kind of issue user needs to have a stable internet connection available.

3. Live mail Password Change- The password comes in the first line of defense in the user’s account and if that get compromised user data may get leak and user’s privacy can suffer now for a user to avoid this kind of issues they have to keep on changing their password in every three months. And user never writes their password in any kind of book, notepad and the diary because if someone gets their hand on the user account may get hack and the user never ever shares their password with someone else, and if they did share the password if some other person, they should change it with the immediate effect. And if the user is not aware of how to change the password, the steps of changing the password are given below.

a. First thing the user needs to do is to open the login page of Live mail.
b. Complete the identification process.
c. For identification user has to choose either the last four digits of their phone number or they can choose the email address.
d. Now click on the Send code button.
e. Once the code is received by the user they have to enter the required field and they have to type their old password.
f. Now when the user types the old password, they are now enabled to change the password of their Live mail account.

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