Method To Uninstall Trend Micro Antivirus

Uninstalling the antivirus is an easy task all the user needs to do is to follow some steps and they will be able to remove the antivirus from their device. But before uninstalling the Antivirus user needs to take care of few things which he or she should not do after uninstalling the antivirus from their device. User installs the antivirus in the different device which has their operating system, some of the operating systems are hard enough for the hackers to get into and some of the operating systems are easy prey. And when the user removes the antivirus from either of their devices, they should not connect it with some public WIFI and they should not surf the internet after removing the antivirus from the device. Because when the user uses the public WIFI their information went to their Internet service provider, who can see what the user did on their device and this can be used against the user himself or herself. The advice of not surfing on the internet is given because there are so many websites that are full of viruses or they do not have the secure server to give the required privacy to the user’s data and if the user goes on to those websites their details may go to the wrong people. User should never use their device for doing financial transactions after they removed the antivirus from their device because this is one of the most confidential data and if someone gets ahold of the user’s credit card or debit card, they can make the transactions out of them and the user will lose its money. The antivirus provides security to the user, as they will either block those suspicious websites or they will notify the user about using the website which can harm the device of the user. Users need to see that if they can extend their current antivirus for a specific period because an unsecured device is an open invitation to viruses and lots of data of the user will get corrupted due to this.

The user generally uninstall the antivirus because of several reasons like a cheaper antivirus is available to the user, antivirus not performing up to the user’s expectations, or antivirus slowing down the device work efficiency. There are times when lots of users have complained about the TrendMicro antivirus, and if the user feels like they are facing an issue related to their TrendMicro antivirus user should uninstall the antivirus with immediate effect.
The problem comes in front of the user when they are not able to uninstall the antivirus from their device. User installs the antivirus in their different devices and maybe in some of the device’s user faces the issue related to uninstallation. To help the user we are listing the steps which will help the user in uninstalling the antivirus from different devices and the different operating system, user can follow the below steps to uninstall the antivirus from their device.

How to Uninstall TrendMicro Antivirus from Android

Uninstalling the antivirus from Android device is one of the easiest task users’ needs to follow few steps and they will able to uninstall the antivirus from their device. And if the user is not aware of the steps include user can follow the below steps for uninstallation.

  1. Firstly, the user needs to open their phone and after that, they need to go on the TrendMicro application.
  2. Once the user is on the application, they need to hold on to the TrendMicro application icon for 2 to 3 seconds.
  3. After pressing on the button user will see various kinds of options.
  4. The user first needs to clear the cache out of the application, so that no junk of the application remains in the user’s phone.
  5. After clearing the cache memory user needs to touch on the Uninstall button.
  6. Press ok to confirm.

How to Uninstall TrendMicro from Windows.

For uninstalling the antivirus from the Pc user needs to follow the below steps. But before uninstalling the antivirus user needs to make sure that they do not have any kind of confidential information inside of their Pc. Because if that kind of information goes with someone who does not have any kind of relation with it, they may use it against the user. The steps of uninstalling the TrendMicro antivirus from the Windows operating system are given below.

  1. For uninstallation, the TrendMicro antivirus user first needs to go on the control panel. Press the Window key of your device.
  2. Now after opening the control panel user can see the list of different options.
  3. On the left-hand side of the screen, the user will see an option of Programs, under this option user will see a sub-option of Uninstall a program.
  4. Now the user needs to click on this option and they can see several applications installed inside of their Pc.
  5. The user now needs to do the right click on the TrendMicro application and after this, they need to click on the Uninstall button.

How to uninstall TrendMicro from IOS

IOS users can go through the below points for Uninstalling the TrendMicro Application.

IOS users can follow the below steps for uninstalling the TrendMicro application.

  1. Go to the TrendMicro application and press the application Icon for 2 to 3 seconds.
  2. Now press on the uninstall button and clears out the cache memory and after this touch on the Delete app button.

How to Uninstall TrendMicro from MAC

The steps of Uninstalling the TrendMicro Antivirus from the Mac are given below.

  1. The user first needs to open the TrendMicro applications.
  2. Now on the right-side click on the TrendMicro icon.
  3. Once the user clicks on the icon, they will get the icon, now the user needs to click on the Quit option.
  4. Now the user needs to open the Finder, and after this, they need to on the application option.
  5. Now the user needs to select the Antivirus one and do the right click now chose the option of Move to trash.

Before discussing the uninstallation process in detail, you can learn to log in to the Trend Micro antivirus process and Trend Micro installation by clicking it.

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