Method To Uninstall Norton Antivirus

There are times when user wants to remove the antivirus completely from their device as they are facing issues with the current antivirus. But before they uninstall the antivirus they need to take care of few things like they should not the device with the internet without the antivirus because there are lots of viruses present in the websites which can harm the device of the user and user may lose its data. Moreover, the user shouldn’t use any of their devices without having them protected with the antivirus, but there can be several reasons behind user removing the antivirus from their device, reasons as the user are facing problem with their antivirus, user subscription with their Norton antivirus is ending up or user found cheaper antivirus. These are the few examples of user uninstalling the antivirus from their device, uninstalling the antivirus is the easiest job yet sometimes user face the issue related to this as a user time are not able to uninstall the antivirus easily from their device, this issue number of times occurs in the Pc. Before users uninstall the Norton antivirus from their device, they make sure that they clear all the saved data from the antivirus because if the user does not want to continue with the Norton antivirus then there is no point in saving the data on their cloud. The information is sensitive people often save their credit card/ debit information, their password on the cloud as the cloud encrypts the information and no one would be able to see the user’s stored information. But the user doesn’t need to take the risk and clear all of their information before removing the antivirus from their device, and once the user removed the antivirus from the device, they need to make sure that the device is not used until it gets protection from another antivirus because an unsafe device is the easiest target of the hackers and they can steal all of the user stored information in the device. Ransomware, Trojans, spyware are the few examples of viruses that look for devices that are not secured with any kind of security, they enter in the device and slows down the whole system of the device and also sends user activities to someone else who can use the information either for their use or they can use the information against the user.

Before discussing the uninstallation process in detail, you can learn to log in to the Norton antivirus process and Norton installation by clicking it.

The user installs the antivirus in various kinds of devices that have their operating system and each operating system has different steps of uninstalling the antivirus from them. The problem here is the user will find it easy to uninstall the antivirus in one operating system and will get puzzled out in another one. However, the user won’t install the same antivirus in all of their device the operating system will differ from device to device. Now to help the user in avoiding any kind of problem-related to the uninstallation of antivirus we are mentioning the steps. This will help the user in tackling the problem and the user will also gain knowledge about the dos and don’ts. The steps are mentioned below.

Uninstallation of Norton antivirus from Android Phone

Mobile phones can be picked easily by hackers as they have got minimum security of their own as compared to Pc who got protection from the Windows firewall. And when the user uses the mobile phone without antivirus the device already becomes open to the threats and when the user uninstalls the antivirus, they need to make sure that they do not have any kind of sensitive information stored inside of their phone and they also need to remove all of their financials apps so that no one else can use the information for their use. Users can follow the below steps to uninstall the Norton antivirus from their phone.

  1. At first, the user has to unlock their phone.
  2. And once the user unlocks their phone, they need to go on the Norton antivirus app.
  3. Now the user has to first touch the Norton antivirus app icon for few seconds.
  4. After this user will see 3 to 4 options user first needs to clear the data for this, they need to touch on the App info option.
  5. Now chose the option of Clear storage option and after this press the back button.

Now the user has to touch on the Uninstall button.

Uninstall Norton Antivirus from IOS

The antivirus only enhances the security of the IOS operating system, and even if the user opts for uninstalling the antivirus it won’t make a difference as IOS are hard to crack for the hackers. The steps are as followed.

  1. For the user to uninstall the antivirus from the iPhone they first need to go on the Norton antivirus app.
  2. Once the user is on the app, they need to press the application icon.
  3. Now the user will see two-three options, user needs to touch on the delete app option and clear the data before uninstalling the data.

Uninstall Norton Antivirus from Windows

To uninstall the Norton Antivirus from the Windows operating system user needs to follow the below steps.

  1. Press the window key of your keyboard and look for the Control Panel.
  2. Once the control panel gets to open up the user can see a list of variable options.
  3. Go to the heading of Programs and under this heading go to Uninstall a program.
  4. Once the user clicks on this option, they can see the list of drivers and software installed into their device.
  5. User needs to select the Norton total security and press the right button of their mouse and after this, they need to select the Uninstall option.

Steps for Uninstalling Norton from Mac

  1. On the menu bar of the users, MacBook users can spot the application of Norton antivirus.
  2. Press the right button of the mouse and click on the remove the app option.
  3. Type out the password of your device and after this, the application will be removed.

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