Method to Uninstall MS-Office

MS-office the most useful software user can install into their device, the MS-office provides lots of features and products to the user which helps the user in having smooth and hectic free experience, products like ms-excel, ms-word, etc. have helped many users in their professional life as well as in their personal lives as well. And when the user decides to remove the software like MS-office from their device there has to be some strong reason because there is zero to no chance that the user won’t ever use the MS-office products, as they are important for the user. If the user is worried about their privacy then, in that case, the user does not need to worry because if the user has downloaded the original version of MS- offices then they should not worry about anything as they are very well protected and will do no harm to the user’s device. Another reason behind user wants to uninstall the MS-Office from their device is the user wants to sell their current device and they do not want the other party to use MS-office from his or her activation code. For the user their activation code key is important and they should not share it with anyone because if the user shares their activation code with someone else, they can use it for activating the MS-office in their device.

Steps of Uninstalling the MS-Office from Windows

As we all know that MS-office is an important part for the windows user because it provides various features and products to the user, but when the user decides to remove the MS-office from their device then they need to follow the below steps. This will help the user in removing the MS-office from their device.

  1. At first, the user needs to open the Control panel of their device and for this, they need to press the Windows key button next to the ALT button on the user’s keyboard.
  2. Now search for the Control panel and open the same now on the control panel user needs to look for the heading of Programs.
  3. This heading can be seen on the left-hand side of the user’s device, now once the user got the heading, under this heading user can see another sub-heading of uninstalling a program.
  4. As the user clicks on the sub-heading of uninstalling a program the user will be moved to another page of the Control panel.
  5. Now on this page user can see the list of software installed in the device of the user.
  6. Now the user needs to locate the MS-office application.
  7. After locating the MS-office application user needs to move the cursor of their mouse on the application.
  8. Now press the right button of your mouse and the user can see the button of uninstalling and change.
  9. Now the user needs to click on the uninstall button.
  10. As the user selects the uninstall button, a dialogue will appear on the screen of the user and the user needs to click YES on it.

How to Uninstall MS-Office with the help of Microsoft FIX

If the user is facing trouble in uninstalling the MS-Office from the control panel, then in that case they can opt for Microsoft Fix to remove the MS-office. The steps of removing the MS-office with the help of MS-FIX are as follows.

  1. The user at first needs to close all of the MS-office programs into their device.
  2. Now go on the Microsoft Store and download the application of Microsoft Fix.
  3. After downloading the Microsoft Fix user needs to run the application on their device.
  4. After running the application user needs to click on the button of Apply this fix.
  5. After clicking on the application this fix button user needs to wait for few minutes and it will remove the MS-office from the user’s device.

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