Introduction-Method To Uninstall 360 Total Security Antivirus

There are times when user wants to uninstall the antivirus from their device and it is one of the easiest tasks, but before the user removes the antivirus from their device, they need to make sure that they are not taking few actions after uninstalling the antivirus from their device. Once the user removed the antivirus, they should not open the internet on their device because of lack of security will make the device open to the threats of viruses and along with it and lots of hackers will be there to steal the data of the user and the user won’t be able to avoid any of this.

The antivirus helps the user in more than many ways and if the user removes them because of some reason they will not have any kind of securities whatsoever and their device will be vulnerable in front of the viruses and all of the user’s data will get corrupted even if one of the viruses get able to come inside of the user’s device. User can also face financial loss if their device does not have the antivirus installed because there are times when the user tends to save their cards details on their device which can be risky taking into the consideration that user does not have any kind of security to protect their device and their data from getting stolen.

If the user wants to use the internet, they should only use their home WIFI not the public WIFI because if the user opts for using the public without having the proper security available to their device their details will go to the public domain and this can be proven risky to the user.

The internet service provider of the public WIFI will have the access of knowing about the what kind of websites are being visited by the user and what kind of transactions are done by the user. So, it will be advisable for the user to avoid as much as they can in using the public WIFI or to avoid using the internet alone after removing the antivirus from the device.

Data corruption is one of those problems which every user has faced once in their lifetime this happens because of the virus which corrupts all of the data to make their presence felt in the user’s system.

There can be many reasons for the user to remove the antivirus from their
the device, for example, the antivirus is not providing the kind of security user wants, or the subscription of the antivirus is ending up and the user wants to change the antivirus. Several people have complained about 360 Total antiviruses that it is unable to secure the user’s device and they have found the viruses even after installing the 360 Total antiviruses into their device.

For a user to remove the antivirus they need to follow the different steps for the different operating system and sometimes user gets puzzled while uninstalling.

To help the user we are mentioning the steps which will help the user in
removing the 360 Total antiviruses from their device.

How to uninstall 360 total security from android

As we know that android is not safe as compare to IOS and when the user
decides to remove the antivirus from their android phone, they are making it more vulnerable to attacks by viruses. But if the user faces a problem
related to the antivirus then they should not escalate the problem and remove the antivirus from their phone. Users can see the steps involved in removing the antivirus.

1. User first needs to go on the application of 360 Total antivirus
2. The application will be named Safe security, now the user needs to
press the application icon for few seconds.
3. Once the user presses on the icon they will see various options and the user first needs to remove the cache memory.
4. The cache memory means external files which do not mean anything yet they take a huge amount of the user’s device memory.
5. Once the user clears the cache memory, they need to come back out of
6. Now the user needs to touch on the Uninstall button once the user
touches on, it will ask them for permission and the user needs to press Ok to confirm it.

How to Uninstall 360 total security Antivirus from Windows

To remove the 360 Total antiviruses from Windows operating system user needs to go through the below mention points.

  1. User first needs to press the windows key of their keyboard and they need to search for the Control Panel on it.
  2. Now once the user opens the control Panel of their device, they will see a list of things that can be done through it.
  3. Now the user needs to go on the left-side and they need to go for the options of Program. Under this option, they can see the option of Uninstall a program.
  4. Once the user clicks on this option, they can see the list of software installed inside of their system.
  5. The user needs to select the 360 Total antivirus software.
  6. Once the user selects 360 Total antiviruses, they need to press the right button on their mouse. And once users did this they can see Uninstall/Change button and the user needs to select this option.
  7. Once the select this option it will ask the administration permission and the user needs to click on the Yes button.
  8. After this, the application of the antivirus will open, and on the below of the application, the user can see the options. The user needs to select the option of Continue to Uninstall option.
  9. Now the user needs to click on the Next button.
  10. A dialogue box will appear and the user needs to press on the Yes option.
  11. Now the user needs to wait till the uninstallation process gets completed and after this user needs to select the option of Finish.

How to Remove 360 Total Security Antivirus from IOS

  1. Go to the Safe Security application.
  2. Press the application Icon for few seconds.
  3. Chose the option of uninstalling the app and clear the data.
  4. Now press on the delete the app option.

How to remove 360 Total Security Antivirus from MAC

  1. The user first needs to download the Mac Remover application.
  2. After that, they need to go on the Finder menu of their MacBook.
  3. Now the user needs to go on the Mac Remover application and open the app by double-clicking on it.
  4. Users can see the 360 Total Antivirus application and they need to click on it.
  5. Now click on the Run Analysis and after that chose the option of Complete uninstall.

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