Introduction-Method To Install Webroot Antivirus

Online threats and online frauds have increased in the recent past and lots of people have become victims of these, and it has become mandatory for the user to keep themselves away from any of these threats or fraud. User especially needs to install the antivirus into their device so that they none of the viruses can enter into their system and steal the data stored in the device. There are different viruses who act differently and can harm the user device, if they are into the system, they may corrupt the data of the user, they can even slow down the whole device and in some cases, the operating system may crash as a whole if the steps are not taken at the right moment. The first thing user needs to is to secure the device with the antivirus and if the user is not able to install the antivirus, they do not need to connect the device with the internet because if the device gets connected with the internet and the user surfs on the internet without having any kind of security the viruses will enter very easily and user data will come at a risk. And no user wants their data to come at risk at there lots of personal and professional information is stored, now the user needs to know about the different type of viruses that can harm their device without having any kind of knowledge about it. Malware virus can gather the information and data stored and in the device and it can also do the action on the behalf of the device owner, spyware virus can steal the credit details of the user, trojan horse virus is used for stealing the data from the external source. Now as the user knows how important it is for them to secure their device so that any of these viruses cannot enter into their system and do the harm to their information and data. Users can protect themselves by installing the Webroot Antivirus into their device as it will provide all-around security to the user device from viruses and it will also help the user in maintaining their privacy on the internet.

  • In the first step, the user has to open the Play Store on their device.
  • Once the user opened up the play store, they have to search for the Webroot antivirus in the search box.
  • Now the Webroot antivirus will appear in front of the user and they have to click on the install button.
  • Once the installation gets completed user needs to tap on the scan now button.

Webroot Antivirus will also keep the user safe on the internet, by providing them a VPN service which will help the user in maintaining their privacy on the internet. This is because if someone is trying to spy on the internet activity of the user, they will not be able to trace back to the user if they are using the VPN to use the internet. Webroot antivirus will not just provide VPN service it will also block the user’s access to those websites that can harm the user’s device and make the viruses enter into the system and corrupt the data. And if the user is trying to use a website that does not have a secure server i.e. HTTPS it will notify the user about the security of the website as well.
The problem arises for the user when they do not about the installation of the Webroot antivirus to help the user, we are listing out the steps, so that it becomes easy for the user to download and install the Webroot antivirus.

How to Install Webroot Antivirus into Android

People usually don’t take the security of the mobile phone that seriously, but they need to because it is the easiest device to hack on. The steps of installing the Webroot Antivirus into Android are given below.

  1. First things the first user needs to open the Play Store application on their device.
  2. Use the search bar of Play Store and search for the Webroot Antivirus application.
  3. Now touch on the install button. And wait till the application gets installed.
  4. Once the application gets installed open the app and touch on the button of Agree and Launch.
  5. The user needs to give the Storage and the other kind of access permission to the antivirus.
  6. After this user will get two options first one is to enter the product key and the second will be the skip.
  7. If the user product, they can enter it, and if the user wants to use the antivirus for free, they need to touch on the Skip button.

How to Install Webroot Antivirus into Windows

To install the Webroot antivirus into the Windows PC user needs to follow the below steps.

  1. User first needs to go on the Webroot antivirus official website and for this, they need to write the domain
  2. Now once the user is on the website, they need to choose for which purpose they want to buy the Webroot Antivirus that is whether the user wants to buy the Webroot antivirus for personal use or professional use.
  3. Once the user made the choice, they need to buy the product and service of their choice and make the payment of the same.
  4. Now once the payment is made by the user, they need to download the file and wait till the download gets finished.
  5. Now open the. EXE file and Enter the product key, the product key will be in the email which was provided by the user at the time of making the payment.
  6. After entering the product key user needs to tap on the Agree and Install button.
  7. After this press Yes on the dialogue box that appears on the screen.
  8. Once the user press Yes, the Webroot antivirus will automatically start scanning the device of the user. And user needs to wait till the scanning gets over after this they can see the tab of their Webroot Antivirus.

How to install Webroot Antivirus into IOS

    1. Open the Apple Store application on an IOS device.
    2. Search for the Webroot application.
    3. Click on the install button.
    4. Now give the required permission for the app to work, once the permission is given by the user, they can successfully install the Webroot antivirus into their IOS device.

    How to Install Webroot Antivirus into MAC

    1. User first needs to download the Secure Anywhere installer into their MAC.
    2. Now the user needs to move the Secure anywhere file into their application folder.
    3. Now open the folder by double-tapping of your mouse.
    4. Now open the Webroot Secure anywhere application.
    5. Now select the language of your choice.
    6. Now the user needs to enter their Activation Code.
    7. Once the code is given by the user, in the next window they need to click on the Continue button.
    8. Now the user needs to enter the System Password of their MAC.
    9. In the next Window, it is up to the user whether they want to create an account or they want to skip.

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