Method To Install and activate Norton Antivirus

User needs to save themselves from both online and offline threats of the viruses because if the user does not keep itself safe from the viruses there may be privacy breach and user data will get into the wrong hands. But for the user to avoid these kinds of things they need to install the Norton antivirus into their device as the antivirus will protect the user from getting any kind of damage from the viruses. The Norton antivirus will also improve the overall performance of the user device and will also protect the device, user needs to secure their data and their device because the device contains user information and data means user’s information and if these get into the hands of the hacker user can may the problem. And when the user installs the antivirus into their device, they detect the suspicious activity and notifies the user about it because there are viruses like ransomware, trojans, web hackers, etc. which can enter into the user’s device and can steal the data of the user and user won’t have any kind of knowledge about it. The viruses are also designed in such a way that they can act on the behalf of the user, so it becomes very important for the user to keep themselves protected from any of these viruses. Now the user needs to know about how the virus can enter into their device, when the user connects their device with the internet and they surf on those websites which do not provide any kind of protection to the user’s data the viruses can enter through it and also when the user connects that kind of device which contains the viruses inside of them like pen drive or the Cd drive. In these kinds of cases, the user will require the antivirus so that their device does not take the toll of the viruses and in fact, the antivirus will help the user by removing the viruses from those devices.

Before discussing the installation process in detail, you can learn to log in to the Norton antivirus process and Norton uninstallation by clicking it.

The Norton antivirus will help the user in avoiding any kind of difficulty causes by the viruses because whenever the user connects the suspicious device the Norton antivirus will automatically scan the device and will let the user know if the device is safe for the user or not. If the device is not safe to use it will ask the user to completely format the pen drive so that no virus can enter into the user device while transferring the files. The Norton antivirus will also help the user in avoiding those websites which have the potential to harm the user’s device because when the user uses the websites their traces remain on the website and thus hackers can use it for their gain.
As we all know that how much important is to install the antivirus into the device, but some users are not aware of the installing steps and they sometimes get stuck on a particular point. To help the user in installing the Norton antivirus we are listing out the steps, the steps will contain different devices like IOS, android, and different operating systems. So that users can install the Norton antivirus into their system without having any problem.

How to Install Norton Antivirus into Android

Mobile phones are the easiest device to hack as compare to pc, so securing them should be one of the priorities for the user and secure their network via VPN so that nobody else can see what the user is doing on the internet. Because if someone else can get a hold of a user’s use of the internet they can use it against the user. The steps of installing the Norton antivirus are given below.

  1. In the very first step user needs to open the play store into their Android phone.
  2. Now using the search bar of Play store user need to search for the Norton antivirus application.
  3. Now click on the install button and wait for the installation to get completed.
  4. Once the installation gets completed user need open the application and they need to select the plan which they find comfortable and also suits their device.
  5. User can login into the application by touching on the Sign-in button.
  6. User also can redeem the product key if they have any by touching on the Redeem a subscription button.
  • In the first step, the user has to open the Play Store on their device.
  • Once the user opened up the play store, they have to search for the Avg antivirus in the search box.
  • Now the Avg antivirus will appear in front of the user and they have to click on the install button.
  • Once the installation gets completed user needs to tap on the scan now button.

How to install Norton Antivirus into Windows

For them to secure their Pc is important because lots of professionals are done on the Pc and lots of confidential information gets stored into the Pc. So the steps of installing the Norton antivirus into the Windows operating system are given below.

  1. User first needs to buy the subscription of Norton antivirus and for this, they have to go on the official website of the Norton antivirus.
  2. Once the user is on the website on the top of the website there will be an option of Products and services.
  3. Once the user clicks on it, they can see a different range of products and services offered by Norton securities.
  4. Users can choose the product or service of their choice and buy the same from the website.
  5. Once the user buys it they have to login into the website. And after that, they have to click on the option of Protect My Device.
  1. Now the user will be prompted to another page where they have two choices Install on this device and install on another device. The user needs to choose the option of Install on this device and click on the button Agree and Download.
  2. Once the user clicks on this button an EXE file will start to download and the user needs to wait till the download gets finished.
  3. Once the download gets finished user needs to click on the button install
  4. And after this user needs to wait for several minutes. And after this user can see the server being connected to Norton.
  5. After that, they can see Norton antivirus being activated
  6. After this user can see the tab of Norton antivirus

How to Install Norton Antivirus into IOS

  1. User first needs to go on the Apple store of their iPhone.
  2. After this, they need to search for the Norton Antivirus application.
  3. Click on the Install button to allow the permission asked by the antivirus and thus they successfully installed the Norton Antivirus into their iPhone.

How to Install Norton Antivirus into MAC

  1. User first needs to go on the Norton Antivirus website and after that, they have to click on the Install button.
  2. Now the user needs to see the information asked by the Norton antivirus for analysis purposes.
  3. Enter the password and after that click on the Install button.

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