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The security of the device is one of the main concerns for the user because the user cannot use their device until it got protection from the antivirus. As we are moving forward on the internet and the internet has helped us in more than many ways. But along with that help, it also came along with the problems, problems like a virus, online attacks, user data privacy, etc. These are the main issue that has kept user skeptical about using their device without having proper antivirus installed into their device. The antivirus will not only protect the user from virus attacks it will also make sure that no one can track the user data by encrypting it. Because the data of the user is precious there is a lot of information is being saved in it and if someone else can get their hands on its the user will have to face the consequences of it. Now the problem for the user chooses from the many antiviruses which are being available in the market and that can help the user in protecting their privacy along with the device security. My Kaspersky Antivirus is one of the best in the business and it has proven quite a handful for the user around the world, the antivirus will prevent the device from the Viruses and it will also provide the user VPN services so that no one else can trace the user activity on the internet. The antivirus also comes up with the feature of storing the password and which will be encrypted so that only users can have the access to use them.

My Kaspersky Antivirus will stop the viruses like worm, spyware, adware,

malware etc. These are some of the most common viruses which suppose to attack the user device and steal the data of the user without having any kind of knowledge about it. The Kaspersky antivirus will block the user from using those kinds of websites which are not safe for the user to surf on. Whenever a user will try to use or open the domain of these websites it will pop-up the message about the security of the website and will help the user in avoiding these kinds of websites.

Before discussing the installation process in detail, you can learn to log in to the Kaspersky antivirus process and Kaspersky uninstallation by clicking it.

Some users find it difficult to download and install the
Kaspersky antivirus into their device, to help the users, we are listing out the steps which are being taken in this process and we are also told the user how they can install the Kaspersky antivirus into the different device and different operating system.

Installation Process of Kaspersky Antivirus into Android Phone

People use mobile phone more often than not and there is no time in which user is not using their phone and with the latest generation, the lots of work can be done on the mobile itself. And being the most used device in the world the mobile phones are more vulnerable to the threats which are possessed by the internet and the user should use their device with the proper protection so that no one can steal the data from the mobile phone of the user. The steps of installing the Kaspersky antivirus in android are being listed below.
1. The first thing is the user needs to do is unlock their phone and open the play store application.
2. Now the user has to search for the Kaspersky Antivirus in the search box which can be seen on the top of the screen of the mobile phone.
3. To install the Kaspersky antivirus user needs to touch on the Install button which will be on the right side of the screen.
4. Now wait till the installation gets finished.

5. Once the installations get finishes user now has to open the Kaspersky application and click on the Next button.
6. Once the user clicks on the next button they have to give agree with the terms and conditions and end-user license agreement.
7. Once the user agrees with the above, they have to click on the Confirm button which will be below the mobile screen.
8. Once the confirm button is pressed by the user, they have to give the storage access permission and for that, they have to click on the Next button.
9. Now users have can see plans available and they can buy the plan which suits them the best.

Download and Installation Process of Kaspersky Antivirus in Windows.

To help the user in installing the Kaspersky antivirus the steps are being mentioned below. This will ease out the problem of the user in downloading and installing the antivirus into their Windows operating system.

1. User first needs to buy the Kaspersky antivirus and for this, they need to go on the official website of Kaspersky.
2. Now user on the right side of the screen user can see the different plan and the user has to buy the plan which suits them the best and for this, they have to click on the buy now button by choosing the plan of their choice.
3. Once the user clicks on the buy now, they have to complete the payment.
4. And once the payment was made by the user, they will receive an email that will contain the file along with the Activation Code.
5. Now the first user has to download the file into their system and follow the instruction which is being appeared on their screen.
6. In the instruction user has to agree with the terms and conditions and after that, they have to click on the Install button.
7. Once the user clicks on the install button then they have to wait for few minutes until the installation gets completed.
8. Now in front of the user there will be the option of security package they have to click on their choices and click on the Apply button.
9. Once the download gets completed user needs to install the antivirus into their device.
10. After the installation user needs to activate the Kaspersky Antivirus and for this, they need to go back to the Email which was sent by Kaspersky now under the main body of the Email user can see the Activation Code.
11. The code will of 20 digits and will contain alphabets and numeric and the user needs to paste this in the Activation Code field of the Antivirus.

Install Kaspersky into IOS

The steps of Installing the Kaspersky in IOS are being mentioned below.

1. User first needs to open the app store into their iPhone.

2. And after that user needs to search for the Kaspersky Antivirus application.

3. And for installation user needs to touch on the install button.

4. Now the open the app and follow the instructions.

Install the Kaspersky Antivirus into MAC

1. First open the website of Kaspersky Antivirus and click on the optionKaspersky for Mac.

2. Tap on the download button.

3. Now follow the instructions which are being come onto the screen and after that tap on the button of continue.

4. Now wait for the file to be download and once the files get downloaded user needs to have the Activation code and the code will come on the email which was provided by the user.

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