Method To Install and activate Bitdefender Antivirus

The virus is a malicious code that enters the user’s system without his awareness. For protecting the user’s system from such a malicious piece an antivirus is installed in the system which hampers such codes to enter and corrupt the clone. It can be said a computer without an antivirus is like a house without a lock. Antivirus is required in the system as the device contains a lot of confidential information in it which can be easily accessible to others if an antivirus is not installed in it. With the antivirus installed in the user’s device or computer, the user feels protected because with the modernization in technology we are moving towards a new era of the digital world. With digitalization comes a lot of risks and increased use of cybersecurity. With an antivirus, a user can access any website which does not have any secure server without any threat of getting his device trapped by a virus. Antivirus is like the oxygen of a computer as it helps in the smooth functioning and protects it from any kind of phishing attacks.

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Modernization and up-gradation in technology bring a bucket full of antivirus options for the users.

Once a user selects the antivirus which needs to be installed in the system, the further step is to understand the procedure of installing the antivirus and initiating its activation also. Usually, a person can get an antivirus in the system by getting its access from the website and by paying for it or some websites offer it for free and after that agreeing to the terms of use and consenting to the licensing agreement.

For any user who desires to install antivirus from the website then there are a series of steps that need to be followed in chronological order. The steps are:

1. The first step in commencing the procedure of installation of Bitdefender antivirus is to open the web browser and enter the web address in the address bar
2. Once the page is loaded it will direct the user to the login page
3. When the login page option, the user must create an account on Bitdefender
4. The moment user starts creating their account, they must enter the data such as full name, email address and password for creating the account

6. As soon as the user agrees to the terms of use the page redirects the user to press the option
of creating an account and confirm
7. This sets to the end of creating the user’s Bitdefender account
8. After creating the Bitdefender account, the user has his login credentials and the user can
access his account
9. Now for logging in the user needs to input the email address which the user used while
creating a Bitdefender account and choose next
10. Once the user enters the email address, the user will be prompted to enter the password,
where he needs to be cautious and consider the upper and lowercase letters and enter them
in the same order to avoid any kind of login issues
11. As the user enters the password, he must choose the sign-in option.
12. After choosing the sign-in option, the signing process is thorough and the user can use his

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