Method To Install and activate AVG Antivirus

For security reasons and for the keeping the privacy intact user needs antivirus into their system. As the world is going more towards the internet the threats on privacy and user, data have become more constant and more severe. The virus can enter into the user’s system by any means so it will be better for the user to install antivirus into the system. But the issue for the user is what kind of antivirus they need to install so that, they get the full protection from the viruses and they can also keep their data safe from hackers. As there are many antiviruses available in the market and users may get puzzled in choosing either of them. User first needs to see their requirement and then look for the antivirus which suits their condition. And in this case, Avg antivirus has been proven best in the business as it suits all kinds of user’s requirements and secures the user data on the internet. The user data is a precious thing and users want to keep it secure at any cost because if the data got into the wrong hand’s user will have to suffer the consequences related to it.

The Avg antivirus will prevent the viruses like trojans, adware, web hacker, etc. entering into the user’s device and will also protect the user data which is stored in the device. The Avg antivirus will block the user’s access to those websites which are not secure to use as they may full of viruses and can harm the device of the user and make it slow. The Avg antivirus will give the user notification before they enter into the specific website so that it becomes easy for the user to avoid suspicious websites. Users can install the Avg antivirus into any of the devices or the operating system of their choice.

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Now to help the user in installing the Avg antivirus into their operating system we are listing out the steps so that it becomes easy for the user to install the antivirus and they can keep their device from viruses.

How to Install Avg Antivirus into Android

The mobile phone is one of the most used devices in the world and every mobile phone is connected to the internet. That is why they are so easy to hack and people often go into websites that are not safe to use. In account to keep the mobile phone safe especially the Android device, we are listing out the steps.

  • In the first step, the user has to open the Play Store on their device.
  • Once the user opened up the play store, they have to search for the Avg antivirus in the search box.
  • Now the Avg antivirus will appear in front of the user and they have to click on the install button.
  • Once the installation gets completed user needs to tap on the scan now button.

Installing Process of Avg Antivirus into IOS

The threats on the IOS devices are less but the user cannot always be so sure

about the security so it is very important to keep their IOS device safe from viruses. And for this user can need to follow the below steps.

1. User had to open the App store first into their device.

2. Now they have to search the Avg Antivirus on the search bar.

3. Now download and for this, they have to click on the Install button.

4. Click on the Not now button.

Installing Process of Avg Antivirus into Windows

Installation Steps of Avg Antivirus into the Windows When it comes to pc user needs to extra cautious as they use pc for doing their office work and lots of information been stored in the pc and the user should use their pc with antivirus installed. Because when the pc is connected to the internet is highly vulnerable to the threats and user also may get into the websites which are not secure. The user also uses pc to transfer the data from one device and this can also harm the user’s pc. Because the pen drives like external device also contain the virus which can harm the files stored inside of

the pc.

To secure the Pc user needs to install the antivirus and nothing is better than the Avg antivirus. So, to help the user we are going to list out the steps which are being involved in installing. This will help the user and it will also ease out their problem of installing the Avg antivirus into their system, user can follow the below-mentioned steps. Once the installation gets completed user needs to tap on the scan now button.

1. At the first user needs to go on the Avg antivirus website and for this, they have to open the URL

2. Once the URL gets open user needs to log in.

3. Now the user has to login into this by providing the email address and the password.

4. For the new user they have to click on the button to create an account.

5. Once the user created the account, they will able to see different options on their screen.

6. For downloading the Avg antivirus user needs to click on the Subscription.

7. Once the user selected the product and clicked on the download, they will get an email that will contain the Activation code.

8. Forgetting the activation code user has to scroll down into the email and look for the Activation code. The code will be a combination of Alphabets and numeric.

9. Once the user completed the whole process of download, they have to enter the code to start their Avg product.

How to Install Avg Antivirus into Mac

The steps of downloading the Avg antivirus into the Mac are given below.

1. User first needs to open the Avg security website.

2. They have to click on the option of Avg for Mac.

3. Now the user has to click on the download button.

4. Click on the install button and once the user did this, they have to click

on the continue button.

5. Agree with the terms and conditions and wait for the file to download.

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