Method To Install and activate MS-Office

For the windows user, MS-Office is an essential part as it provides lots of things to the user, and windows user’s experience gets better with it. The MS-Office provides various features to the user and it is very easy to use, features like simple sharing of files, smart lookup, Outlook groups make it user-friendly and it becomes people’s favorite in the meantime. The MS-Office also contains a different type of Product its which makes the user’s professional very smooth, products like MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Powerpoint are the few key factors that are generally required for professional use. But for the user to gain this kind of experience they first need to download the MS-Office into their device and for this they need to buy it from the official website of Microsoft because to get the free version user may move into those websites which have fake products and they also can harm the user’s device. So, it will be better for the user to download and install the original version of MS-Office and avoid any kind of damage to their device. Mac users can also avail of this service of MS-office as Microsoft has provided MS-office especially for the MAC users and they can use the MS-word, PowerPoint, etc. like windows user. For the user installing the MS-Office is an important task because if the user misses either of the steps users won’t be able to get them all of the MS-Office-related products. The user, however, can install every product separately but then this would lengthily step for the user, so it will be better for the user to install the MS-Office correctly and they won’t face any kind of problem in using the MS-Office products.
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MS-Office Setup

As we all know that MS-office provides various products to the user which enhances the user’s experience of windows and those products are user-friendly as well, and people can use those products for both personal and professional use. Setting up the products used will require going on the official setup of MS-Office which is and users will able to get the product which they like.

Downloading Steps of MS-Office

The steps of downloading the MS-Office are easy, but if the users are not aware of those steps they do not need to worry as well will help the user in downloading the MS-Office into their windows device.

  1. The downloading steps will begin when the user opens the web page of MS-office which is
  2. On this page, the user needs to do the login and for this, they need to click on the My Account here they have to provide their email address and the password, which was provided by the user at the time of creating the account.
  3. After this user needs to login into their Microsoft Account with the help of MS-Office License.
  4. Once the user got into their account that they need to select the option of Install for their MS-Office.
  5. As the user clicks on the install button a new window will get open, the name of this window will be Download and Install.
  6. The user now needs to click on the option of Other.
  7. After this select the download option.
  8. Now select the language for your choice in your MS-Office Suite.
  9. Now a window will appear and the user needs to click on the Save button.

Activating Steps of MS-Office

For the users, few products of MS-Office come pre-installed into the device but they are only free for one year, and after that user needs to buy a subscription to use them. So, to help the users we are listing out the steps of activating the MS-Office so that user does not wander here and there for getting their MS-Office product to subscribe without having any kind of problem.

  1. To start the activation user first, need to open any of the pre-installed MS-Office product. The product can be either MS-Word or MS-excel, whichever user wants to open it.
  2. Now the user will require to choose an account for the activation, as the activation window appears on the screen of the user, the user needs to select the right email, and the user needs to make sure that the email they are choosing is connected to their Microsoft account.
  3. After selecting an email, a new window will open up and the user will require to login into their MS-Office 365. Here user needs to enter the email address which user wants to link with MS-Office 365 and after that, they need to enter the password associated with the same.
  4. If everything goes well, the user will now see the conditions, and for confirmation, the user will require to press the green button. As the user does this their MS-office will get activated and they can use it.
  5. The user can use the MS-Office for a specific date and the date can be seen on the top-right corner of the user’s device.

As the user activates the MS-office they will receive an email of confirmation and this email will contain the Activation code, the user should not share this code with anyone and they should keep it safe because the code will help the user to activate MS-Office when the user reinstalls the windows into their device.

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