Steps For Bitdefender Login, Central Dashboard Setup, and Activation

Bitdefender is an antivirus that is designed to secure all the digital devices used by individuals, businesses, and households around the whole wide world.  It ensures continuous testing to protect your device and clean it in case it has been infected by any virus, malware, ransomware, and other such cyber threats. Every time it detects any suspicious activity on your system device, it uploads suspicious items to the online testing lab so that they can be analyzed thoroughly. Thus, Bitdefender is able to block malware, potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) as well as rootkits that could be a threat to harm your system.

The scanning engine of the Bitdefender antivirus is able to detect 100% malware whether it is recently detected or existing for a long time. It works efficiently on almost all devices connected having Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. For scanning your device for any threat, simply click on the ‘’Quick Scan’’ option available on the app to quickly scan your system. Apart from this, there are options for System Scan, Vulnerability Scan, open VPN as well as configure Safepay online protection on your device.

Bitdefender is absolutely perfect for use by individuals, households as well as corporate. It is fast to scan and does not slow down the speed of your device.  There are three basic plans that Bitdefender offers:

Ranging from small, medium to large enterprises, Bitdefender has proved to be the most reliable and secure antivirus that keeps your important and confidential files, folders, data, and information safe from any cyber threat. We can help you select the right Bitdefender antivirus that suits the requirement of your business depends on the size, manpower, and devices used.

As far as individuals and homes are concerned, Bitdefender offers complete protection to your devices when you surf, stream videos, download apps, or any content. Besides, there is a parental lock that will not let your child access irrelevant information or sites. You can connect up to 15 devices of your family with one Bitdefender plan. There are several Bitdefender plans for households and we can help you select the right one that is affordable and suitable for your purpose.

Bitdefender is among the most reliable safety solution software established on Artificial intelligence technology which is contemplated as the most effective antivirus software to tackle all the threats related to digital media. Bitdefender allows its users to easily protect their data from dark web threats worldwide. Its latest revolutionary technology instantly distinguishes any source of invasion from the web and protects all the possible degrees. This software can be effortlessly fit in any device so can you work remotely.

Bitdefender central can grab its hold on any window platform comprising your iOS as well as Android devices.

Access to Bitdefender is convenient, once you sign in, you can automatically catch up with the product subscription, their respective services, and the device they are functional on. Bitdefender’s easy accessibility and adaptive nature make it user-friendly that can be run on any mobile, laptop, tablet, and PC.

Before discussing the login process in detail, you can learn to install and activate Bitdefender antivirus and also get to know about the uninstallation process of Bitdefender antivirus by clicking it.


Features of Bitdefender Total Security 2021 Antivirus

  • Safety and Reliability
  • Quick Scanning
  • Allows faster-browsing speed
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • 100% complete protection from Malware as well as defends viruses, ransomware, etc.
  • Safeguard all devices such as Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices
  • Prevents data breaches
  • cloud-based management
  • Password manager
  • encryption management
  • One-click optimizer
  • Parental control
  • File shredder
  • Privacy Firewall
  • Microphone Monitor
  • Allows Unlimited VPN traffic
  • Webcam Protection
  • Protect various devices with one plan
  • Network attack defense


How to Login Bitdefender Central and Activate Bitdefender?

In case you have purchased Bitdefender and have not yet activated your account then understand the fact that your system is still prone to viruses, and other cyber threats or cyber-attacks. Therefore, it is important to keep your system and other devices safe by activating Bitdefender. To activate Bitdefender, follow the given process.


1) Create an account and log in to your Bitdefender Central Account

  • If you have created your Bitdefender account then you need to simply enter the registered email id and password.  However, in case you have not yet created your account then first enter the website Click the option of ‘’Create Account’’ and enter details as asked such as name, email id, create a password (alpha-numeric) and check the ’I agree with the Terms of Use’’ with a tick mark.
  • Thereafter, click on the ‘’Create Account’’ button.
  • You will be sent an activation email on your email id. Check your inbox, open the email and activate your Bitdefender Account.
  • Now that you have created your account, log in with your email Id and password.


2) Insert Bitdefender Activation code at, Bitdefender central

  • After opening your account, click on the ‘’My subscription’’ panel as visible on the window screen.
  • Now you will be asked to enter the Bitdefender activation code. The activation code is provided to you at the time of purchasing, which is sent to your registered email account from the seller.
  • After entering the code, click on the ‘’Activate’’ button to activate your Bitdefender activation key account as well as the subscription in case you are an existing user.
bitdefender - enter activation key

3) Protect your device

Now click on the ‘’Protect your first device’’ to install Bitdefender on your system.

Follow the instructions that appear on your screen to download and install the Bitdefender antivirus software on your system device.


Why am I unable to Activate antivirus on my system device?

At times you might fail to activate your device with the Bitdefender Antivirus. The reasons could be as hereunder:

  • 1) You are entering the wrong email id that is not registered with the Bitdefender Account.
    Therefore, always enter the right email id that you have submitted at the time of registration on which you have received the activation code
  • 2) You are entering the wrong password.
    Remember to type the right password with the correct use of uppercase, lowercase, and numbers.
  • 3) Internet speed is slow and the website is not loading
    Check or upgrade your internet connection if it is broken or giving slow speed.
  • 4) Entering the wrong activation code.
    Carefully enter the activation code while activating the account and then only hit the ‘’Activate’’ button.
    5) Other technical issues
    Check out for other technical issues such as an older version of your Windows or Mac, storage space available on your system, etc.

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Steps to  Login “Central Bitdefender Login Portal” in Detail


How to Create/Sign in to Bitdefender Central account?

Bitdefender provides very simple steps to utilize its services by just first creating an account. To do this, you need easy-to-follow instructions given below:

For first time users, you can easily create a Bitdefender account to login at:


  • At the bottom of the main page, you can see the “create account” in a rectangle box. Click on the box.
  • A new web page will open with all the blank text fields where the user needs to fill in all the details it is asking like NameEmail, and Password, etc.
  • Don’t forget to check the “I Agree with all the terms and conditions”.
  • In the end, click on the create account button which is displayed near the bottom.
  • Congratulations! Your Bitdefender account is created.
  • Now you can use Bitdefender anytime by just login with the provided email and password.

Already have a Bitdefender central login?

This is considered the easiest-to-go task to login into your already available Bitdefender account.


  • Go to the official Bitdefender website.
  • You will see the “sign-in” option in the big rectangular blue button.
  • Hit on the Sign-in option.
  • Enter the registered email address which is associated with your Bitdefender account.
  • Next, enter the password.
  • Now after successful login, your Bitdefender account is available to use.

Error while login in at Bitdefender Central?

Follow the instructions to get back at your Bitdefender account:

At times individuals fail to recall their email and password, it is typical in the quick thriving life were to recollect everything is very unusual.

You don’t have to stress, simply follow a couple of straightforward steps and you will have the options to manage all the services of Bitdefender in a short conceivable time.

  • Go to the Bitdefender login portal on your device, enter the “sign-in” option.
  • Give the email details which are linked to your Bitdefender account and enter the “NEXT” option.
  • Once this process is done, now move on to the next window where it will ask for a password.
  • If your password comes incorrect, you don’t need to worry. At the bottom of this tab, click on the “forget password”.
  • You will automatically reach the password recovery window where it will ask for the registered email address related to your account.
  • Enter the email and you will receive a code or recovery link in your inbox, fill this code on the password recovery page.
  • Now enter the new password in the tab and hit the submit button.
bitdefender forgot password

If You Are Unable To Login


bitdefednder forgot password

Step 1. If you are already login and want to change the log in detail


Step 2. If you are already login and want to change the login detail

Step 2. If you are already login and want to change the log in detail


Step 3. If you are already login and want to change the log in detail

Step 3. If you are already login and want to change the log in detail

Pro Tip- Utilize the password which you can effectively recall and add some extraordinary numbers and symbols so nobody can recognize it. This way, you won’t fail to remember your passwords any longer.

This is all the information required with the Bitdefender login account. For more assistance, you can click on the “Support” option which is accessible at the top bar on the Bitdefender Central official website.


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Can a free version of Bitdefender protect my computer?  

The free version cannot protect your computer 100% and does not offer all the features to give you the safety of usage but only basic features are active. It is recommended to buy a paid version of Bitdefender for complete security and peace of mind.  

How many devices can I connect with Bitdefender?

With the Bitdefender Family Pack, you can connect up to 15 devices.

Can Bitdefender upgrade automatically or is it chargeable?

Whenever a new version of Bitdefender is available, it can be upgraded free of cost as well as automatically.

Will my subscription auto-renew after the expiry of a valid period?

Yes, your subscription will auto-renew after the expiry of the valid period and the previously subscribed plan will be activated. However, you can upgrade or change your subscription plan before expiry.

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